Kingslinkup Construction Services

What we do

Searching for trusted agencies to help you erect that building of your dreams is fast becoming a bother these days. That is why we at Kingslinkup construction are here , to take your worries away and bring that your building to becoming a reality.

Another challenge clients face is buying a piece of land and having to go to lengths of legal procedures for such landed property to be legally transferred to them. Kingslinkup construction services has looked into this and we now take away that burden from your shoulders and do all the running-around for you while you go on with your everyday routines assured your land is yours.

Funds estate developers and estate development, supports investors in housing schemes even at state government levels, and purchases houses and estates for resale to corporate and private customers within and outside Nigeria.

The high acceptance of its products are derived from its good parental leadership, extensive goodwill, wide branch network, strong assets base, growing information technology, and well-planned market drives.

Our services and packages differ distinctly from one to the other and are all put together for you to achieve your aim of either securing landed property or constructing any building of your choice and other such related aspirations you may have.

Our services and packages include:

Real Estate

From scratch to finish, we will secure a piece of land for you, develop your choice property on it and you do not have to worry about the authorities coming to disturb you for whatever reason. You will have your choice land and choicest building all taken care of by our efficient team.

If you only want to secure a piece of land for future purposes, we definitely will go out of our way to get the land according to your specifications and its availability.

Sale and Purchase of Land

We have land owners who are willing to sell their land at a giveaway price in some select locations across Nigeria, especially in Lagos. You can contact us to acquire these wonderful and positioned pieces of land.

If you’re willing to sell a piece of land, we’re the perfect agency to go to. We’ll help you find willing and serious buyers to take those properties off your hands and put your money in its place without any hassle.

Land Owners Partnership

We partner with land owners to develop building property on their land by financing such projects and recover our investment over a period of time after the completion of the projects with an interest rate that is very friendly.